Sustainability Policy ESG

PHC Hotels

1. Sustainability Policy ESG

PHC Hotels (Portuguese Hospitality Collection) is aware of the impact of its economic activity within the tourism sector, its impact on the life of the community in which it operates and its contribution to the Portuguese business network. The company defines its Sustainability Policy based on the ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) metrics that it adopts as pillars of a sustainable development strategy. This strategy is aligned with the sustainability goals and targets assumed by the member states, including Portugal, and which are part of UN Agenda 2030.

At PHC Hotels we are convinced that sustainability is “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Gro Harlem Brundtland). We understand economic growth in terms of John Elkington’s triple bottom line theory (TBL, 1994): profit, planet and people. We seek to positively impact the environmental, social and economic sectors and respond to the major challenges facing humanity in the next decade, including climate emergency, tensions arising due to significant social inequalities and democratic and economic crises.


It is for these reasons that, in addition to signing the Letter of Commitment of Turismo de Portugal’s Tourism 360º Companies Programme, and in accordance with the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, approved in 1999 by the UNWTO General Assembly, PHC Hotels undertakes to:

1. Preserve and manage natural resources in a sustainable way by adhering to more efficient technologies that promote the reduction of GHG emissions. This saves resources and improves the management of waste, ultimately reducing it.

2. Respect human rights, thereby creating a secure environment of inclusion and equal opportunities. This promotes a fairer society and contributes to improving the quality of life of the surrounding community, respecting employees’ work-life balance.

3. Comply with all legislation and carry out its business in an ethical manner, relying on impartial and responsible directors and managers who comply with and promote internal rules of behaviour and codes of ethics. The Department for Environmental and Social Affairs was established for such purpose.

PHC Hotels

2. Commitments


To create a secure and inclusive environment with equal opportunities for advancement.


To contribute to improving the living conditions of the communities in which we operate.


To monitor and reduce the carbon footprint of our economic activity, reducing energy consumption and looking for sustainable alternatives.


To monitor and reduce water consumption, using detergents certified as sustainable to ensure that the water remains uncontaminated.


To monitor and reduce waste, prioritising its recovery with the intention of recycling.

PHC Hotels

3. Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

#4 Quality Education

  • Providing quality education and training for employees.
  • Providing opportunities for career development and growth within the company.

#5 Gender Equality

  • Promoting equal pay and career development between genders.
  • Fostering an inclusive environment.
  • Guaranteeing parental rights regardless of gender.

#6 Drinking Water and Sanitation

  • Creating systems to reuse wastewater.
  • Reducing water consumption.
  • Carefully using detergents to avoid contamination of watercourses.


  • Ensuring annual economic growth.
  • Granting salary increases.
  • Preventing work accidents.
  • Providing employee benefits.

#13 Climate Action

  • Reducing GHG emissions through conscious consumption and effective waste management.
  • Using digital media and efficient technology.


Positively impact the community in which we operate through purposeful, relevant, and productive partnerships.

At PHC Hotels, we are convinced that a participatory role in the life and development of the communities in which we operate is part of our mission on this path of sustainable transformation. Therefore, we develop purposeful actions that bring value and meaning to the communities that benefit from them and that, at the same time, involve our employees and encourage them to take action on social issues.

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