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Portuguese Hospitality Collection is a Portuguese hotel management group, responsible for optimizing the commercial synergies between its brands.

PHC Hotels portfolio includes the iconic Hotel Mundial, the Portugal Boutique Hotel and My Suite Lisbon Guest House – Príncipe. All settled in the heart of Lisbon, each hospitality unit has its own identity and differentiating concept. PHC Hotels units are guided by principles such as excellence in customer service, economic sustainability and human value, intrinsic to their activity.

Our Mission

With the iconic Hotel Mundial, with more than 60 years of history, in its portfolio, Portuguese Hospitality Collection took on the mission of “Honoring the past and reinventing the future”, guaranteeing its guests and clients enriching experiences and exceeding their expectations, counting on the commitment of a multidisciplinary team with the courage to continue a path of constant renewal and reinvention of what it has to offer.

At the same time, PHC Hotels assumes itself as a driving force for National Tourism, making efforts to contribute to the development and evolution of the sector, through the establishment of relevant partnerships that enables real action and contribute positively to the present moment of national tourism and all of its professionals.

Our values

The values of PHC Hotels – Portuguese Hospitality Collection are transversal to all its units, they are what guide us and govern our daily lives.

We believe in commitment to the customer, and we put all our dedication and passion into our work. We perform our duties with the utmost integrity, promoting trust and credibility. We develop relationships of mutual respect and empathy between ourselves and our guests.